Boomers 46 to 64

What is a Baby Boomer?

Baby boomers are the demographic cohort following the Silent Generation and preceding Generation X (1965-1980). The generation is generally defined as people born from 1946 to 1964, during the post-World War II baby boom.

We are a generation that has come through life to date being thought of as “lucky”, “fortunate” and having lived in the best era.

I am sure, just like myself, you have felt many periods of joy, but also anxiety and sometimes pain and that has made you into the person you are today.

Myself. I look at moving forward with a wonderful positive attitude and enjoy the sanctity of our last period on this planet and make it the finale of my previous experiences and memories.

I have been fortunate to have lived with a wonderful family and a bounty of great long fulfilling friendships that have made my life as I tell anyone that will listen “The life of a princess”.  I am so very happy with life and all it has to offer, even with this awful Covid-19 it has shown how humanity pulls together and works shit out!  We are who we make ourselves so make yourself “Happy” in retirement!

I have constructed a list of what I have addressed in my life to ensure I live my next 20 plus years with great cognitive ability and flexible movement.  Hoping you see value in this article and find one point you can make better in your life to ensure you are on the road to “Happy” in retirement!

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The first and foremost is :

          Improve your diet today.  Develop an eating plan that helps to promote longevity and health.  Over the years of being busy with life and forming quite lazy habits I think our way of eating needs to change!  I have been fortunate to have my daughter move back home (Lovely side kick from Covid-19) and show us the correct way of ensuring we eat the foods needed to maintain a good healthy balance for longevity.  Many of you may already eat the necessary balanced diet each day but alas that was not I!  I love chocolate and the occasional donut so always felt guilty eating either!   I now don’t care as I have a well-balanced diet, great amount of exercise and feel the occasional treat is great for my moral not the feeling of sadly guilty for having eaten it!

Detach from eating for emotional support.  Reiterate your new connection with a long Happy life instead. When you feel you are not in the space you need to be jump online and chat away or call a friend, “coffee”? is always a great opening statement to invite the comfort of company!

          Start to move.  I am always amazed at how through the years I have jumped into some sort of exercise regime and religiously done it once a week and believed that this was going to give me the body of a goddess!  Alas it never happened and as the years went on become less and less of an importance to me.  I now do pilates at home in front of the TV in my pyjamas looking like OMG you really don’t want to know!  And enjoy 5-6 sessions a week!  This exercise regimen includes some strength training, aerobic type exercise and flexibility training with loads of stretches!  Some day’s I just do a 10 min arm routine (she says to get those skinny arms for summer!- never going to happen here but I feel good!)  I was getting to the stage where weight increases were happening no matter whether I ate good, bad or didn’t!  But now I have my better diet and great exercise I can see a waist forming again…  Crazy how a small investment of time can assist to improve virtually any health condition you may be in.  My back is now amazing and I rarely feel stiff!

          Improve your brain power.  Knowing me as you will get to if you don’t already you will know that developing my brain power is not a problem I have!   I love to have be stimulated!  If you are in that feeling of “What Now” it really is necessary to create stimulating activities into your life daily to encourage your brain to keep growing and expanding instead of shutting down. And of course ensure you do not suffer from boredom!  I will pass on many of my activities and ideas over time so you may enjoy jumping in and working with me on these.

          Take the time to consider your health regular visits to the doctor over the last 2 years has ensured my balances are in check!  The verdict of moving towards osteoporosis soon made me look for ways to ensure that it etched no further into my life!  So, with a routine of supplementation and more appropriate exercise I have been able to send it packing and south on the charts.  Moving back to an area that made the doctor smile! 

Our body and the hormone changes that occur in this stage of our life is a post all on its own but I want to add this here just to acknowledge that you can ultimately encourage your body to live longer, healthier as well as to look amazing while you enjoy the bounty of what remains.  Just ensure you are having your checks and balances done regularly!

          Get your finances in order by ensuring you have enough finances to see you through a “Happy” retirement and be able to do all of those things in your “Bucket list”.  Do you have a retirement plan?  What are you going to do to earn that extra cash to achieve your bucket list?  I have spent the last 5 years learning the art of the internet and how to achieve a passive income in my retirement by making a small commitment of time each week so I can ensure that I continue to live “The life of a princess”.  I will add many of my journeys and outcomes here for you to see.  That way if you are looking to venture down this path you DO NOT make the mistakes or fall for the scams and can take advantage of my 5 years of hard-earned brain activities to learn how to do it successfully.   Leave a comment below if you have any subjects you are interested in and the chances are I have researched them! 

          Improve your lifestyle by cutting out the bad including the Elephant in the room “stress”.  I recently discovered that even I with my positive outlook and cheery thoughts can be brought down by those surrounding that are indeed suffering themselves!  My way of coping and pulling myself out of this dark mode was to write down all the great things I had to be grateful for in my life (and it was a huge list!) and then list all the negative things that I felt were surrounding me at the time. (It really turned out to be a small group of Nasty Nellies that really need to work on their own happiness) I then went through the negative list and matched up a positive list point that made me feel so much better and crossed out the negative point.  It worked a treat!  the negatives were removed and I am feeling so much better!  I will add that this did not happen overnight but I called out for support and received it in bucket loads so was able to get myself back to a positive mode very quickly and helped to overcome the negative feelings I had been having.  Work with the people that surround you to ensure you call out in your hour of need!  Create pockets of supportive people on the internet if you don’t have them surrounding you.

So today I leave you with much to deliberate on and how to keep your Happy place going for the rest of your glorious time on the planet.

 Back next week with more….

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