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52 Home Based Business Ideas – Small Business Trends

This is an interesting article with loads of ideas for creating a homebased business. Some of these ideas could be worth considering if you are looking to increase your revenue in retirement.

Home Daycare Business – many of our generation are grandparents so adding an extra child or two to the babysitting routine may be a great way to increase your income. Council approval and off you go! I assume there will be licences etc to obtain also.

House Cleaning – I know as a lazy house person I am always looking for a reliable honest house cleaner. It pays well and has many perks as you can do this around your own routine and as often during the week as you would like.

YouTube Personality – This is a great way to make a side hustle! I am sure with the experience you have obtained throughout your life you will have enough credentials tucked up your sleeve to create a business teaching others to do or not to do what you have acheived in life!

Hair Stylist – Keep your trade going and choose the clients you wish to service. Again this is a great strength to continue with into your retirement as a way to increase your retirement revenue.

Social Media Consultant – I see so many positions advertised weekly for social media type positions! Marketing managers, content writers, content posters and the list just goes on and on.. Where does your history benefit you in this field? Wrote reports all of your life? Teacher ? want to keep that voice going? so many ways to develop an income online!

Pets – Boy.. this is huge also.. Babysitting, walking, washing and the list continues! Not a bad job to do for that extra cash!

I wont keep reviewing each option as there are so many so just have a look at the article attached and see the options.

As I have mentioned many times lately I am getting together what I have been working on over the last few years to show you what I am doing and how I have used my lifetime of opportunities to help others and create a wonderful lucrative business online. More later… cheers!

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